The Africa Youth Cup welcomes you to Cabo Verde. It is one of the most peaceful countries, situated 450km from the West Coast of Africa in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

This African pride is blessed with a good strategic geographical location, between the African, European, and American continents, and less than 4 hours by air from Europe and America. Its economic, political, and social stability make Cabo Verde the ideal destination for the Africa Youth Cup.

As we prepare to give you a warm welcome to Cabo Verde, rest assured that an unforgettable experience awaits you in this beautiful archipelago with such wonderfully friendly people.

Visit Cape Verde

We invite you to come explore the splendour of Cape Verde, whether players, team leaders, accompanying parents, relatives, or travelling companion. Once inside the islands you discover the uniqueness of the country and people. Most of them speak two or three international languages; Portuguese, French, Spanish, and or English which facilitates communication and easy integration.
The country is close to Europe and is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches and hotels one can find anywhere. We advise you make your reservations with us one month before arrival. Do not allow anyone tell you more about Cape Verde, come and see!!!


Experience the sunny side of life, feel the beauty of nature in this paradise, watch loggerhead sea turtles live and you can even give a token to adopt small turtles on the Island if you like. You only need to see the golden sandy beaches to know that it is any beach lover’s haven. If you are looking for a place to relax by the sea, come with us to the Island of Sal.


The Island has its distinct attraction to offer those who would like to take a walk or go on a wander in the forest, enjoy the beautiful landscape, and return to rest under the calm conditions of the beach, the quite of the sea, and the whispering of birds, it’s just amazingly wonderful.


This is Cape Verde’s biggest Island and home of the capital city, Praia. Come see its green valleys, beautiful mountains, and its volcanic beach, not forgetting the famous African market. Take the sightseeing bus to get a real view of the Island’s diversity. Let’s take you to the old capital of Cape Verde in this Island, (CIDADE VELHA) oldest city built by Europeans in West Africa which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Finally, the Quintal da Musica restaurant in Praia is one of those perfect places to enjoy live music while savouring local delicacies.