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Africa Youth Cup 2020

AYC 2020 canceled due to coronavirus

Africa Youth Cup Event Update

The Cape Verdean government has announced the cancelation of all international events in the country till June 30th amid the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak despite having no confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in the country. We commend this life saving decision. We have been monitoring global events and were considering a shift in the commencement date of the AYC before the government’s position was announced. We have decided to cancel the 2020 edition of the AYC because of the uncertainty of the propagation of coronavirus COVID-19 and begin preparation for the 2021 edition immediately. We trust that admirers, supporters, lovers of the beautiful Island of Cape Verde, and participants of the Africa Youth Cup will understand this painful decision. We are truly sorry for whatever inconvenience this may have caused.

However, after the pandemic subsides and Cape Verde is open again for international events, we shall host the female version of the tournament involving only Cape Verdean teams to herald the international version in 2021. The world press conference to introduce the 2021 edition shall also hold side by side with the female tournament. The date will be announced after June 30 this year. This will provide an opportunity for all club presidents and managers to visit Cape Verde this year as earlier intended.

Note that registration is ongoing and 2021 begins now!!!

A tourism gateway through football

Africa Youth Cup

The Africa Youth Cup is an international youth football tournament for both male and female teams to be held annually in Cape Verde (Cabo Verde). The next edition is slated for June 2020. The tournament is open to all teams from around the world, offering both African content and a blend of Western, South American, and Asian flavors.

It is an initiative for youth engagement and to serve as a catalyst for social cohesion while showcasing the beauty and culture of the host city. The Africa Youth Cup further aims at making football at youth level in Africa more exciting and competitive.

It is Africa’s response to similar global international youth soccer tournaments to compliment the on-going progress made in Africa by CAF and FIFA in youth soccer development.

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