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Africa Youth Cup 2023

A tourism gateway through football

Africa Youth Cup

Africa Youth Cup international soccer tournament is Africa’s response to similar global international youth soccer tournaments in Asia, Europe, and South America. It is intended to compliment the good work of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). We believe it is time for the rest of the world to come to Africa for a youth tournament of this magnitude which is the symbol of this international youth soccer tournament.

Africa Youth Cup is open to football academies globally, affiliated to national football federations of their country in the U-17 male and U-17 female categories. The tournament is also open to junior national teams and youth academy teams of elite football clubs.

With the successful hosting of the maiden edition in Cape Verde in 2019, it was proven that it is possible to host a quality international youth soccer tournament in Africa.

Our Commitment & Benefits

  • Creating the enabling environment to facilitate offshore soccer career opportunities for exceptionally talented players.
  • Showcasing the skills of African Football Academy players at a higher level under the same atmosphere and intensity that obtains in Asia, Europe, and South America.
  • Providing a global platform to compete with the best football academies from other parts of the world on African soil.
  • Creating economic opportunities for football academies in Africa.
  • Transforming Africa and host countries into sports tourism destinations.
  • Creating a culture of excellence, dignity, and respect for football academies in Africa.
  • Africa Youth Cup guarantees participants the opportunity to savor our beautiful continent and people under a calm friendly atmosphere.
  • Participants will exceptionally enjoy more staying period.
  • One match per day throughout the tournament.

A tourism gateway through football

Africa Youth Cup

The Africa Youth Cup is an international youth football tournament for both male and female teams to be held annually in Cape Verde (Cabo Verde). The next edition is slated for June 2020. The tournament is open to all teams from around the world, offering both African content and a blend of Western, South American, and Asian flavors.

It is an initiative for youth engagement and to serve as a catalyst for social cohesion while showcasing the beauty and culture of the host city. The Africa Youth Cup further aims at making football at youth level in Africa more exciting and competitive.

It is Africa’s response to similar global international youth soccer tournaments to compliment the on-going progress made in Africa by CAF and FIFA in youth soccer development.

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