Once you register your team, you accept to comply and conform with all tournament conditions. All Africa Youth Cup terms and conditions including tournament regulations are binding; they must be consulted and adhered to strictly on our website: www.africayouthcup.com

Registration opens on the 5th of July 2018.

Participation category: Male born in the year 2003.

The closing date for registration of teams shall be the 15th of February 2019.


The Africa Youth Cup welcomes you to Cabo Verde. Africa Youth Cup is an international youth soccer tournament. It is a youth driven and sports tourism initiative that will serve as catalyst for social cohesion while showcasing the beauty and culture of Cabo Verde to participants and visitors from around the globe. The Africa Youth Cup aims at alleviating the fear of participating in international youth soccer tournaments abroad by African youth soccer academies due to visa complications and financial constraint.

One of the key attractions of the tournament to promote youth football in Africa is that winner of the Africa Youth Cup, if an African team, and the best performed team from Cape Verde shall get a free all-expense paid slot to an International Youth Soccer Tournament in either Asia, Europe, or South America. This offer covers registration fees, accommodation, feeding, and cost of participation at any of the chosen tournaments. The teams shall however be responsible for all their travel logistics like airfare, visa fees, insurance, and other incidentals.

The tournament is open to all teams around the world, offering both African content and a blend of Western, South American, including Asian flavours.


Note that it is outside the policy of Africa Youth Cup tournament organisers to provide group insurance to prospective participants. Accordingly, clubs/schools, leaders of delegation take responsibility to procure on behalf of participants/contingent, adequate insurance necessary to cover all costs, risk and other unforeseen circumstances during the tournament. Africa Youth Cup tournament organisers do not hold liability and shall not be responsible for losses arising from theft, burglary, injury, loss of property, medical emergencies or other medical needs, acts of terrorism, acts of God, natural disaster, or any other risk which may arise during the tournament. We strongly advise that participating teams must have their group medical insurance as a pre-condition for participating in the tournament. Where evidence of such insurance is not provided, the organisers reserve the right to withdraw the participation of the team/contingent in the tournament. It is also compulsory to come with your first aid kit box and a trained medical staff/physio.

We take no responsibility for any computer or typographical error. We use videos, photographs, and other similar images of the tournament on our website and other print/electronic media materials without seeking prior consent from participants.


Teams shall be officially registered once they have remitted the non-refundable registration fee of 150 EUR. Subsequent participation cost payment must be made accordingly to fully secure your place in the tournament. If you register your team online and you don`t pay the registration fee, your registration will not be valid.


The full boarding cost per person is from 198 euros for 9 nights/10 days. Confirmation of your place in Africa Youth Cup tournament and your place in the chosen accommodation can only be guaranteed after we receive your initial 50% participation accommodation cost payment. Once a team registers for the Africa Youth Cup tournament, it automatically bestows on us the obligation to make financial commitments on its behalf with our programme partners. Consequently, the first payment and initial deposit of 50% of the accommodation participation package shall be forfeited if the team decides to cancel its participation. However, if you cancel your participation before the closing date for registration, any other amount paid shall be credited for future tournament. Africa Youth Cup does not make refund, we only give credit against future participation.


Africa Youth Cup tournament shall be played in accordance with prevailing FIFA rules. It is open to all youth clubs and academies who are members of FIFA affiliated national associations. Schools and Colleges with football teams may participate if affiliated to their school sports associations and endorsed by their national associations. The matches shall be officiated by referees from the Federação Cabo-Verdiana de Futebol and guest referees from Europe.


Registration for Africa Youth Cup tournament opens on the 5th of July 2018. The number of participating teams have been limited to 16 in this maiden edition. Once we attain the maximum number of 16 teams, registration will close before the scheduled date.


The Africa Youth Cup tournament shall commence with an opening match during the opening ceremony day, after which games shall continue the next day in group stages. Teams will be divided into groups of four (4) where all teams will meet in the group series. Games Standings will be determined according to points. Victory shall attract 3 points, Draw 1 point, Defeat 0 point. The first and second placed teams after the group stages will automatically advance to Quarter Final A. The other teams will now play in the Quarter Final B, this is to ensure that all teams continue in tournament until the final. This stage of the tournament shall be determined by direct elimination, and in case of a draw, teams shall proceed to penalties according to FIFA regulations.


Arrival with dinner, and departure with breakfast included. Hostel Accommodation ‐ (10 days / 9 nights) 19 ‐ 28, April 2019. All accommodations are on full board basis (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). All meals shall be at the hostel accommodation or meal center. The AYC Card and accommodation fee is included in the cost. Hotel Accommodation ‐ (10 days / 9 nights) 19 ‐ 28, April 2019. All accommodations are on full board basis (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). All meals shall be at the hotel accommodation or meal center. The AYC Card and accommodation fee is included in the cost. Note that minimum players allowed in the hostel are eighteen (18) and minimum staffs allowed in the hostel are four (4).


Teams shall be required to make a security deposit of 200 euro on both accommodation options. This sum must be paid on arrival before check-in and may differ from one accommodation to the other. This amount shall be duly refunded on departure day if no damage was done to accommodation installation by any member of team delegation. Africa Youth Cup organisers take no responsibility for whatever damage done to property by team during stay.


  • 5th July 2018: Online registration is open.
  • Participation category: Male born in the year 2003.
  • 15th February 2019: Closing date for registration & final balance payment is due.
  • 18th March 2019: Final day to send players list and accommodation list.
  • 19th April 2019: Arrival of teams & accreditation.
  • 20th April 2019: Opening Ceremony. One group stage match on opening ceremony day.
  • 21st April 2019: Group stage matches continue.
  • 22nd April 2019: Group stage matches continue.
  • 23rd April 2019: Last group stage matches.
  • 24th April 2019: Rest Day for all teams.
  • 24th April 2019: Leaders match.
  • 24th April 2019: Referees Refresher training.
  • 25th April 2019: Quarter-final.
  • 26th April 2019: Semi-final.
  • 27th April 2019: Finals - Closing Ceremony.
  • 28th April 2019: Departure of all teams.

Africa Youth Cup organisers reserves the right to change above mentioned dates in the event of an unforeseen contingency.


All team leaders as mentioned in team list submitted to tournament organisers are fully responsible for the conducts of players in and out of accommodation throughout the duration of the tournament. Leaders should not hesitate to contact the organisational staff for clarification of whatever issue of doubt. It is very important to respect meal schedules as teams or players might forfeit meals without official reason for lateness. Time table for meals must be adhered to strictly. After 10pm, everyone must observe quietness in accommodation until 8am the following morning. It is not allowed to move about the city without putting on tournament T. shirt. There shall be consequences for noncompliance which could lead to exclusion from tournament and accommodation.


Teams are at liberty to rent a private bus service for the entire period of the tournament which will be operational from time of arrival at accommodation to the day of last game which is closing ceremony day. This is an exclusive service that guarantees movement to matches and sightseeing par day with the bus. We advise you contact the tournament organisers for more information concerning the private bus service. Tournament shuttle bus to matches is not included in participation cost. Teams are required to procure this service daily for the duration of tournament. This shuttle bus service only functions to take teams from accommodation to matches and vice versa. We advise you contact the tournament organisers for more information concerning this shuttle bus service.


Note that airport shuttle bus for transfer to accommodation is not included in the participation cost. Contact the tournament organisers for more information about this service. Teams must reserve the airport transfer bus one month before arrival with travel itinerary details.


Dispensation shall be given to four (4) players who will be one year older during tournament, born in 2002. Teams are at liberty to feature all four (4) players at any given match. The duration of the group Stage matches shall be: 2x30 minutes, while the duration of the knockout stages shall be 2x35 minutes.


Leaders of team delegation shall be responsible for the presentation of team’s required documents upon arrival at accommodation for accreditation. Note that all members are required to possess international passports, you are not required to apply for visa to attend the Africa Youth Cup. Visas shall be issued to all participants upon arrival at the Nelson Mandela international airport in Praia Cape Verde. Letter of consent from parents in the case of minors shall be required at the airport including travel insurance and possible a certificate of vaccination.

Other valid documents accepted are plastic coated team ID card for players issued by club and endorsed by country’s football federation. All foreign players shall be required to present ID and passport before a game, the ID must contain information of player like date of birth, full name, photo, and identification number. Note that for teams from Cape Verde, only team ID card shall be required for both accreditation and matches.

To ensure a smooth accreditation upon arrival at accommodation, only the team leader should present required documents of all members of delegation to tournament staff. Players and other team members do not need to be present for accreditation. Tournament information guide document, tournament T. Shirts, and other tournament materials shall be provided accordingly at accreditation. The group medical travel insurance must be presented during accreditation, without this document valid until the departure date of 28 April 2019; teams will not be allowed to participate in the Africa Youth Cup. Team leaders must present all acceptable documents to show proof of identity of all members of delegation accordingly.

CANCELATION OF THE TOURNAMENT AND FORCE MAJEURE: In the event that the tournament could not be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the tournament organisers (force majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence on the part of the tournament organisers, the tournament organisers cannot be held liable by teams and delegates for any damages, costs or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, additional financial losses, etc. Under these circumstances, the tournament organisers reserve the right to either retain the entire participation/accommodation fund and to use it for a future tournament, or to reimburse the delegate/team after deducting costs already incurred for the organisation of the tournament which could not be recovered from third parties. Africa Youth Cup tournament organisers are in no way responsible for injury or economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events.

(Contact us for the different cost of accommodation options accordingly)
Group 1
(Hostel accommodation category)
(Hotel accommodation category)
Room TypeDouble Decker BedSingle/Double/Twin/Triple Beds
MealsAll meals in HOSTEL or MEAL CENTERAll meals in HOTEL or MEAL CENTER
AYC Card1 card per person included1 card per person included
Contact us for the different cost of HOSTEL & HOTEL accommodations accordinglyAfrica Youth Cup organisers shall be responsible for distribution and placement of participants in all hostel accommodation.Hotel staff shall be responsible for distribution and placement of participants in rooms. Participants shall be paired in groups of 2, 3, or 4 in the double room option. It might be necessary to split contingent in rooms on different floors of hotel.