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Africa Youth Cup 2020

A tourism gateway through football

Africa Youth Cup

The Africa Youth Cup is an international youth football tournament for both male and female teams to be held annually in Cape Verde (Cabo Verde). The next edition is slated for June 2020. The tournament is open to all teams from around the world, offering both African content and a blend of Western, South American, and Asian flavors.

It is an initiative for youth engagement and to serve as a catalyst for social cohesion while showcasing the beauty and culture of the host city. The Africa Youth Cup further aims at making football at youth level in Africa more exciting and competitive.

One of the key attractions of the tournament to promote youth football in Africa is that winner of the Africa Youth Cup, if an African team, and the best-performed team from Cape Verde shall get a paid slot to an International Youth Soccer Tournament in either Asia, Europe, or South America. This offer covers registration fees, accommodation in school option, feeding, and cost of participation at any of the chosen tournaments. The teams shall, however, be responsible for all their travel logistics like airfare, visa fees, insurance, and other incidentals.

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